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A new appointment with #ohmystreetart

Events, exhibitions

“The Other City”, the art installation in the Prison of Taranto


L’estate addosso: il peggio della mia summer 2015
La mia tipica giornata al mare, nella mia bella Puglia
Il mio viaggio a Berlino (in breve)

Apulian food

– At Grandma Felicetta’s house
– The Ciucciarelli of Easter
– A special day with sea urchins and raw fish
– No meatballs, no Sunday
– Fried anchovies and marinated anchovies
When “tonight we’re having the panzerottata”
– The polyp: curled and ate
– Dried figs: the snack of past years
– The Apulian focaccia
– The orecchiette



– Abruzzo on the road: from l’Aquila
– Places of Abruzzo (PhotoGallery)


Craco (PhotoGallery)
Matera (PhotoGallery)
Bernalda, the small village on a spur of a rock, 
 The magic of Matera, between films set cinematografici and hot air ballons 
Metaponto: Basilicata between beaches and history  
– Maratea: the Italian town that dreams Rio 


– A taste of Calabria
– Civita, the village of Albanian origin


Rome (PhotoGallery)


Urbino (PhotoGallery)
Written with my heart … thinking about Urbino


#IlMarediPuglia: the Apulian Coast from Monopoli to Savelletri 
#IlMarediPuglia: the Apulian Coast from Taranto to Gallipoli
Apulia: itinerary in and around Itria Valley 
Alberobello (PhotoGallery)
Respirando Breathing Alberobello
Alberobello Light Festival 2015
Emtions, expectations, memories, departures
Bari (PhotoGallery)
Bari: the city of Santa Claus
Castellana: in the bowels of the Earth
A special day with sea urchins and raw fish (in Cisternino)
Cisternino: a small place of Apulia 
The guardians of the olive trees in Puglia
Grottaglie, a concentration of ceramics
Looking for the Quarantane of Locorotondo
The floral details of Locorotondo
Monopoli,  overlooking the Adriatic 
– Monopoli: one of the “99 borghi” of Apulia
 The church of  Barsento: do you want to bet that you saw it somewhere?
Ostuni: the white city 
Ostuni (PhotoGallery)

The beauty of Otranto
The Kater I Rades: the sleeping boat at the Port of Otranto “
– The Poet of Polignano
– Polignano on a Sunday morning

– The sea in which is reflected San Vito 
 “Red Bull Cliff Dinving World 2015” in Polignano: my emotions 
A New Year with snowflakes
Giants of papier-mache to the Carnival of Putignano 
Putignano and its ancient rites of Carnival
– #CarnevalediPutignano 2016
The Apulia of Padre Pio
Holiday in Torre Canne
Flight to Torre Guaceto


My mother: reporter for my blog 


Sicilia on the road: the north coast
Sicilia on the road: the south coast
Sicilia on the road: East Coast


Assisi (PhotoGallery)
– Cascia (PhotoGallery)
The places of Santa Rita



Waltz, emperors and Sacher: welcome to Vienna
Vienna (PhotoGallery)


– Paris (PhotoGallery)
–  Montmartre: the special corner of Paris
You find your inner child at Disneyland Paris
 About that trip to Lourdes


Berlin (PhotoGallery)
Visiting Berlin
On the trail of the recent history of Berlin
Berlin for everyone 
– Sachsenhausen: not to forget

Great Britain

– London (PhotoGallery)
– Londra, between imagination and reality
– Along the Thames, towards  Greenwich


-Postcards from Athens


– Coming back to work in Malta 
– Ten things about Malta
– La Valletta: follow your instinct and the sea 
– Why to go to Marsaxlokk
– The charm of Medna 


– Amsterdam, according to the other soul of the blog


-What to see in Gdansk


– Lisbona (PhotoGallery)
-The nostalgia of Lisbona

Czech Repubblic

– Prague (PhotoGallery)
– The sky over Prague
– Prague Castle and the Golden Lane
– Terezin today: remember so that never happens anymore


– Barcellona (Photogallery)
– Gaudì: the visionary soul of Barcellona
– Granada: Generalife and Alhambra
– Granada (Photogallery)
– To the discovery of Madrid
– The bullfight of Madrid
– Madrid (Photodallery)
– Malaga (Photogallery)
– Siviglia (Photogallery)
– The beauty of Seville
– Valencia (Photogallery)
– Valencia: so many styles in a city


– Budapest (PhotoGallery)
– The charm of Budapest
– Ten places (and one) of Budapest



– A storm of emotions coming from Kenya
– A safari in Kenya, in the Tsavo National Park
– Black eyes in Kenya



– Amman – Welcome in Jordan
-Petra: the pink city


– The spell of  Thailand
– The things that I haven’t told about Thailand
– The unique experience with the elephants
– Bangkok, the city full of contrasts
– That’s why you go to Chiang Rai
– Ayuthaya dimension
– Ten things to do in Chiang Mai
– White Temple versus Black Temple
– At the  Jjm Thompson’ House, in Bangkok